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How to Make A Wedding Bouquet with Artificial Flowers

Wedding Flowers Birdal Bouquet Summer Love

Weddings are always an important occasion to have flowers in, from the decorations to the centerpieces. However, store-bought bouquets can be quite pricey and the real flowers run the risk of wilting after a few days. A simple DIY project with your own flowers can make a cheaper yet just as good alternative.

Artificial Flowers Bouquet Mira Bundle

This can easily be accomplished in a few simple steps with a little work and time.


Step 1: To Make Your Wedding Bouquet, You Need The Materials.

Gather some fake flowers and greenery of varying sizes to make your bouquets contents along with some floral tape or wires. Although you can use whatever flowers you like, some popular choices are fake roses, fake sunflowers, peonies, and jasmines.


Step 2: Next It Is to Arrange Your Bouquet to Make It as Beautiful as Possible.

To do this, place your large blooming flower such as artificial roses in the center. These would serve as the nucleus of your flower, and from there you can spread out and the smaller ones around followed by the fake plants in between these flowers to help them stand out.

Artificial Flowers Bouquet Chris Piano Bunch

Step 3: After That, You Can Now Start Creating The Cascade in Your Bouquet.

This is done by placing long blooms or greenery such as honeysuckle, jasmine, or trailing ivy at the bottom of your bouquet. This creates a cascading effect on it. In doing this, you can bend or spread out your flowers some more, allowing them to open up and not be too tightly packed. When this is done, bind the stems together with some wire.


Step 4: Cut The Stems to An Even Length.

This makes the bouquet easier to work and hold as well as just looking nicer to look at. Using wire cutters or scissors to trim down the stems and thorns that may get in your way. Be careful though when trimming them as to not make them too short, better they are too long because at least you can trim them further.

Wedding Flowers Birdal Bouquet Summer Love

Step 5: Finish off your bouquet by wrapping it together with some floral tape.

Start this from the base of the flower and work your way downwards. Be sure to cover the stem and wires completely both to hide it and to create a handle for you to hold.

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