How to Make A Buttonhole with Artificial Flowers

“How to Make A Buttonhole with Artificial Flowers” is locked How to Make A Buttonhole

A buttonhole or boutonnières are another well-known use for flowers, specifically for events such as proms and balls. And like bouquets, these can also easily be made from artificial flowers.


Step 1: Cut the stems of the flowers to about two inches long.

This is because you need them short in order to pin them to your shirt.


Step 2: Get all the stems of the flower and wire or tape each of them down.

This is done by holding the flower against your thumb and forefinger. Once then, you can position the wire between the stem.


Step 3: Now that you have your main flower head.

This can act as the core of your flower of which you can begin adding smaller, wire flowers or foliage stems on it. When you do this, make sure that all the heads are stuck in the same way.


Step 4: Next you must secure the different stems and flowers together.

This is done by tying them together with some floral tape. Take some twine and hold it under the flower head and begin wrapping the twine around the stem until you reach the top of the stem. Once done, knot it together to secure the Buttonhole.

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