1. Can artificial flowers get wet

Artificial flowers should not get wet as this can damage them. If they get wet, they may discolour.

2. Can artificial plants be used in resin

Artificial plants look great on resin! Check the specifications of the resin and make sure you only pour on as thick as the resin can take.

3. Can artificial flowers be pressed

Most flowers do not bloom all year round. These pressed artificial petals look much like the real thing.

4. Can fake flowers be spray painted.

It is possible to paint. Before you do this, make sure they are clean and work slowly.

5. Are fake flowers & plants waterproof

It depends on the materials. Plastic is waterproof. But silk is not waterproof.

6. Are fake flowers tacky

It depends on how the arrangement feels, as some arrangements can look fake if overdone, so keep it simple.

7. Are fake flowers bad for the environment

As silk is inert, it does not decompose and does not produce harmful side effects. Artificial flowers may have an advantage over flowers in terms of emissions and toxins, mainly due to the different transport methods.

8. How to make fake flowers stand up in a vase

Fill the bottom of the vase with sand, pebbles or marble. Then place a piece of foam in the vase.

9. How to cut fake flower stems

Use Wire cutters to cut the flower stems

10. Tools to clean artificial flowers

– feather duster

– handheld hairdryer

– vacuum cleaner

11. Do you offer catalogs

Sorry, the catalogs will not be available for some time.

12. Do you ship internationally

 Yes, we do. Shipping is available to most countries and regions.

13. Can I track my order after its been shipped

Approximately 1-2 business days after your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Order Tracking

14. How to make a bouquet of fake flowers?

Make your bouquets using the same basic techniques as when making real ones. Just be sure that you have enough stems for each flower to look natural. Consider purchasing premade arrangements from florists or floral supply companies if you want something more elaborate.

15. What is the difference between natural and artificial flowers?

Real flowers come in many shapes and sizes, but they are made of petals, leaves, and stems. Artificial flowers are usually made of plastic materials that look like real flowers. They’re often used for weddings, funerals, and other special occasions.

16. Can I dye artificial flowers?

If you want to dye your artificial flowers, you’ll need to purchase premade dyed floral wire. You can find this item at most craft stores.

17. How do I store artificial flowers longer?

Store the artificial flowers in a cool, dark area. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures.

18. How to dry artificial flowers?

Drying artificial flowers is very simple. Hang them upside down in a well-ventilated room.

19. How to remove stains from artificial flowers?

Remove stains from artificial flowers by soaking them in cold water. Then, gently scrub away the stain with a brush.