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11 Benefits of Artificial Flowers over Natural Flowers

artificial flower arrangements

Artificial flowers can be defined as replicas of natural flowers. They are mostly used for commercial or domestic decoration. And on few occasions, they are made for scientific use.

Many raw materials are used to manufacture artificial flowers. The raw materials change with the geographical location or time in history. For example, in Egypt, they use painted linen, while in ancient Rome used gold or silver.

Polyester is the main product that is used to manufacture fake flowers today. The benefits of artificial flowers over natural flowers is a debate that has been on for long. Any person who loves fresh flowers can have good things to say about them. This is regardless of the benefits of artificial flowers.

Statistics show that many people worldwide still prefer artificial flowers over natural flowers. I will give you the reasons that make this huge population use artificial flowers.

artificial peonies

1.They do not have seasonal restrictions

Artificial flowers can be present in your house all year round. Compared to natural flowers, you have to wait up to a specific season for them to be available, and each type of flower has its own season.

Just order your favorite type of flower, and the manufacturer will deliver it to you. Be it lilies or roses or even sunflowers, they will all be displayed in your house the whole year.

artificial Dandelions

2.They require low/no maintenance

Artificial flowers do not need any maintenance except for a few types. They may require sprays to maintain the polyester fabric. The natural flowers may need daily watering, to be given some supplements and special lighting.

All these things are costly hence the high cost of maintenance. Artificial flowers only require cleaning to remove the dust, and this can be made into a routine.

artificial flowers in vase

3.They last for long (they are durable)

Artificial flowers do not rot or die; they will be displayed as long as you want to give you freshness and elegance for many years.

Compared to natural flowers, which can die and rot due to old age or be kept under bad conditions. You will have beauty and elegance just for a few months or even days if you have natural flowers.

Even if it is a hot summer season or a cold winter season, the artificial flowers will be there, giving elegance in your home. Just clean it to avoid discoloring that is caused by dust accumulation.

artificial sunflowers

4.They are less costly in the long run

Fake flowers do not die; hence there is no replacement cost. Compared to natural flowers, which have to be replaced every time they die.

Most natural flowers die in one or two weeks, and purchasing a fresh one every time is very costly. But artificial flowers will light up your room from the day you bought them until you will see best to change them. The only expense is the buying price.

artificial lilies

5.They are hypoallergenic

This means that artificial flowers do not have any allergic reactions. This makes them the best fit for office use because different people visit offices, and some may be allergic to flowers.

Compared to natural flowers, they can produce natural fragrances or pollen grains that will make your clients have a runny nose or even itchy eyes. Do not lose clients because of flowers; just use artificial flowers.

silk flowers bulk

6.They give you a chance for creativity

They allow you to mix up your artificial flower arrangements at any time by using artificial flower stems and sprays. Compared to natural flowers, each stem comes with its flower, and they cannot be interchanged, or else they will die.

With fake flowers, you can swap roses for lilies or peonies, and you will use the roses in another room or place. For example, use them on the dining table setting.

artificial roses

7.They are pet-friendly

Artificial flowers are either made of fabric or wood or metal or plastic; all these materials are not toxic to your pets, especially dogs or cats.

Some types of natural flowers (not all of them) are very toxic to your dog or cat and even sometimes the birds. This is why many pet owners prefer artificial flowers which look real, and they sleep knowing their pets are safe.

artificial Gypsophila

8.Artificial wedding flowers can be re-purposed

A wedding is a special event in anyone’s life, and it should remain a fresh memory for many years to come. And artificial wedding flowers can help you with this. You can hang them in your living room, and every day you will remember your special day. 

Natural flowers will easily dry up in a few days, and everything will be forgotten in a few weeks.

fake flower arrangements

9.They are tidy

This means that artificial flowers support general cleanliness when you have them around. This is because they do not have drying leaves or withering flower petals to pick up every time or no water spillage to wipe.

For natural flowers, you can even find soil and rotting stems that should be thrown away. These things make the office or home untidy and are embarrassing to your visitors or clients.

artificial flower bouquets

10.They are reliable

Animals or children cannot easily damage artificial flowers. Natural flowers tend to break when they fall over.

Artificial flowers can withstand many unwanted incidences from pets or children. Fire is the only thing that can take down an artificial flower. The artificial flowers can withstand other factors such as chemicals.

flower arrangements

11.They are easy to multiuse/multipurpose as centerpieces

Artificial flowers can double as centerpieces. This is because they are easy to rearrange. As an example, you can rearrange the artificial flowers to have the flowers for a romantic dinner after a birthday party. Compared to natural flowers, you have to run to a florist to get another one; hence, a lot of time and energy are lost.

yellow artificial flowers


You can see that faux flowers have a lot of benefits compared to fresh, natural flowers. Artificial flowers are not seasonal, unlike natural flowers. They are also low maintenance and tidy.

In conclusion, we can say that artificial flowers look and also feel like a real thing. When they are well-arranged, they can cheat any untrained eye that they are natural. Because you will see live petals and a real foliage texture, including their vases that are filled with water.

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