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How to Get the Perfect Artificial Flower Arrangements

How to Get the Perfect Artificial Flower Arrangements

Artificial flowers can be said to be an imitation of real flowers. They are used for decoration in commercial and residential places. Various materials make artificial flowers but the common material is painted linen. However, others use rice paper, silkworm cocoons, and if you want to class, use gold and silver.

Nowadays everybody wants natural things but these natural things come with a price. Artificial flowers are 60% cheaper than natural flowers. But natural flowers die in a few days while artificial flowers can stay for years. But today is your lucky day because this article will give you tips on the best way to arrange artificial flowers to look like natural flowers.

6 Tips on the Perfect Way to Arrange Artificial Flowers

1.     Buy quality artificial flowers

Everything wonderful starts with quality products. And the quality of artificial flowers depends on the material. Most artificial flowers are made from painted linen. But you should consider the quality of the silk or linen. Touch and feel the silk, make sure it is soft and flexible. Flexible material will represent the soft petals of a real flower.

You should also consider the quality of paint. The paint should be deep into the silk and linen. This will not fail you in bright light because it will still look like a real flower. The bloom of the artificial flower should also look real. The bloom should open up slowly like a real flower. The stem should also be flexible like a real stem.

The leaves of artificial flowers should be wired and flexible. The green color of the leaves should be deep into the fabric. This will ensure the leaves do not look transparent in bright light. And the middle of the bloom should look like a natural flower.

2.     Choose an appropriate flower vase

A flower vase is a simple thing but it can make your artificial flowers look real. Most florists recommend that you use a narrow neck vase. This is because the thin neck will ensure that your artificial flowers are stable. The stems will stick well together and you will require fewer flowers. Too many flowers in a vase make them look unreal.

The color of the vase is also important. Choose a natural color like green or brown. Green represents the natural color of plants while brown represents soil. Other unique colors like red can make someone easily recognize artificial flowers.

Prepare your flowers

3.     Prepare your flowers

Prepare each artificial flower before you place them in the vase. Handle each bloom of the flower and make sure they look real. Fluff each bloom of the artificial flower. Ensure the petals are at the right place and the flowers should bend a little. Because real flowers bend due to the weight they exert on the stem.

Be careful with how the leaves look. Make sure the leaves are not crumpled up or folded. If they are folded, place them on a flat surface and iron them. Do not directly iron the leaves of an artificial flower. First, find a flat surface then place a cloth on the surface. Then, place one leaf on the cloth and cover it with another cloth. Now you are ready to iron it.

4.     Place one flower at a time

You have chosen quality flowers, appropriate vase, and prepared your artificial flowers. But with the poor arrangement, someone can easily recognize your flowers are artificial. The best arrangement depends on how you place your flowers in the vase. Make sure you place one flower at a time. But before that, ensure the stems are of the correct length.

The stems must be 1.5 inches taller than the flower vase. Cut or fold the stems to match the vase. You are advised to fold the stems because in the future you can get a taller vase. Place your artificial flowers one by one at an alternating angle. Doing so will make the stems crisscross at the bottom making them stable in the vase.

4. Place one flower at a time

5.     Mix and match colors and design

First, arrange the stems in your hands and see how they will appear in the vase. It is easy to arrange artificial flowers in your hands because they are not delicate like natural flowers. Putting a single color together is the best option but you can also mix up the colors. Florists say the best colors to mix are cream and white.

You can choose one design for each vase or mix up the designs. The best design is when the flowers are a little bit wider than the vase. But ensure they are not too wide because it will make them look unnatural. If you have a transparent vase, add some water because it will make the artificial flowers look like natural flowers.

Mix and match colors and design

6.     Apply the fabric spray

After arranging your artificial flowers in the vase, apply a fabric spray to give them a natural glow. Make sure you maintain your hand a distance of one foot while applying the spray. If you are too close it will disorient the bloom making them look artificial. After applying the spray, place the vase against the light to make the flowers glow like real flowers.


Are artificial flowers worth it? Why should you go through the trouble above just to make artificial flowers look like natural flowers? But the main reason is that artificial flowers are durable than natural flowers. The bloom will never droop and wilt for many years to come. If you take good care of them, they can stay past their useful life.

Another thing is that artificial flowers are not hypoallergenic. They do not have pollen grains like natural flowers making them the best for people with respiratory allergies. Artificial flowers also require little to no maintenance. The only thing you have to do is clean them and apply the fabric spray to make them shine.

Unlike natural flowers, artificial flowers are not seasonal. You will have flowers all year round including the cold seasons. To finish up, artificial flowers are pet and children-friendly. They are not poisonous like some natural flowers. This allows you to relax knowing your children and pet are safe.

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