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5 Best Ways to Solve How to Clean Artificial Plants

5 Best Ways to Solve How to Clean Artificial Flowers

The use of arificial Plants at home, villas, or apartments is becoming increasingly popular these days. People love it because it doesn’t wither or wither. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You don’t have to water, cultivate, fertilize or even prune.

These fake flowering plants accumulate a layer of dust particles, most cobwebs, and fast in a few months, especially when placed near roads or busy streets. You will see a lot of dirt covering every part of the plant. It is also very risky for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, if you can breathe.

Therefore, we need to be meticulous when cleaning these fake plants with flowers. Some researchers have done their study on these artificial plants and the best way to clean them.


Here are the easiest ways to clean artifcial plants:

1. Use a dry paintbrush to dust and clean

Put your plants outside to see most of the dust on the leaves and the sides of the flowers and leaves. Carefully clean once next to each other with the dry brush.


2. Use water and a soft cloth

Gently rub the damp cloth over each leaf and petal. Then let it dry in the sun for a few minutes. Some silk flowers do not have good ink quality, so that they will fade or bleed easily. Make sure it doesn’t stick to your dress, rug. table, or sofa, as it will be difficult to remove. Also, it is best to do this outdoors,  as like on your balcony or terrace, where it has a good atmosphere.


3. Use a paper bag and a cup of salt

Get a large paper bag and a cup of salt. Gently put the artificial flowers inside bag and close them. Then shake it for a while. The salt will drop all dust particles and cobwebs. After a few minutes, you will have a fresh-looking plant again.


4. Use neutral cleaning agent

You will have a thorough clean over the next several months. Try dusting the artificial flowers or plants with a duster. Spray surface cleaner on the fake leaves or petals, and then put them in a sunny place for a bright look. (You will be surprised by the result).


5. Soak the artificial flower plants in the bathtub with soapy water or in a large basin

Gently bathe the artificial greenery in soapy water while cleaning the leaves or flowers, so they dry slightly. Just be careful not to let the pile of leaves fall or fall off the plants, although it can easily be put back (so as not to waste time and effort).



Arificial flowers will bring you etermal beauty and joy once you know how to care for them. And these five tips will help you alleviate your anxieties and dificulties, especially if you are busy or busy at home. It can be a highlight on an empty porch or brighten up a shady corner of the house. Additionally, there are other ways to incorporate different types of plants with artificial flowers inside and outside your home, making cleaning more convenient.

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