How to Make a Teardrop Bridal Bouquet with Artificial Flowers

Wedding Flowers Roses Birdal Bouquet

Another style you can make with your artificial flowers is a teardrop pattern. This can be used when creating your bridal bouquet. It is a bit different from the normal bouquet we talked about earlier, but it is still just as good.

Step 1:
Cut the stem of one flower in order for this to serve as the point of your teardrop bouquet. With this done, you will next place the stem of the flower at the bottom of your bouquet holder.

Step 2: Cut two more flowers, though keep these a bit shorter than the first one. Like the first one, place these flowers at the very bottom of your holder. Keep these stems on either side of the first one. Do the same with another pair of flowers, though cut these one inch shorter than the pair you just cut.

Step 3: After you have this first layer, you must now create another layer. Take some additional flowers and cut them about 2-3 inches shorter than the longest one you have. Next, you must place these them into the holder and repeat this process for the remaining stems.

Step 4: Cut another four flowers stem to about 2-3 inches in length before placing them into the holder. This will serve as the top of the teardrop. After you do this, cut down fivw flowers to the same length and place them as the center row rough across the front top of the holder. Lastly, repeat this process when you make the third row.

Step 5: With this done, you can finish up and place the rest of the remaining tows of six flowers until you reach the bottom. Once done, you can cut all the stems until they reach the same length as the first row. Arrange these flowers until they are side by side.

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